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The CB2 BaseStation operates in conjunction with the CRP-12 Radio Pack and the CRP-C12 Compact Radio Pack and can be used in highly-varying applications and environments.

CRP-12 Top

RP-44 Overview

CRP-12 Top View

Volume Knob

The volume control adjusts the listening volume of the connected headset. Turning the volume control clockwise increases the audio level, while turning the control counter-clockwise decreases the level.

Talk Button

The Talk button enables or disables the microphone for the selected channel. In the CB2 BaseStation’s menu, Talk buttons can be disabled or set to function with a “Latch” or a “Momentary” press. The Latch option is not available in High Density Mode.

In addition, CrewCom uses an intelligent latching method for Talk buttons. When set to “Latch,” one short press will latch the talk on; however, pressing and holding the Talk button will cause the button to act as a momentary switch.

Channel Selection Button

The Channel Selection button switches between Channel A and B for the Radio Pack. The LED for the selected channel will be illuminated. Radio Packs can be set up to access both Channels A and B (but only one at a time), only Channel A, or only Channel B.

Call and Stage Announce Buttons (F1/F2)

Each Radio Pack has two function buttons. The left (F1) function button serves as Call when enabled from the CB2 BaseStation’s menu. The right (F2) function button serves as Stage Announce when enabled from the CB2 BaseStation’s menu.

Menu Button

The Menu button provides access to menu options.

  • Press and hold the Radio Pack Menu button AND press and hold the CB2 BaseStation’s Menu button. When both Menu buttons are depressed for three seconds, the menu mode is enabled.
  • Change the RP’s channel setting by pressing and holding the Menu button AND (while holding) press the Channel button to cycle through setting options A or B, A only, or B only. The Channel button LEDs will illuminate to indicate the active option. Once the desired option is displayed, release the Menu button to select it. When A or B is selected, the RP user must use the Channel Selection button on his or her RP to switch between the channels. The LED for the selected channel will be illuminated.

CRP-12 Rear

RP Rear Overview

CRP-12 Rear View

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